Monday, June 3, 2013

Good, good morning!

In my "BK" (before kids) days, I had sleeping in down to an art. I professed the love of my bed as if it were my long lost soulmate. And did I ever give it attention. I could lie in bed for an entire weekend; reading, watching TV, sewing, and napping. I was especially good at napping. Then along came my beautiful daughter. And my days of courting my mattress with hours of nap time came dwindling down to an end. With each child, I have 5, the precious naps became as rare as trillium. You know that secret stuff Iron Man needed. Is it completely the result of having children?  Is my lack of late morning sleep ins totally vanquished until the children grow old (notice I didn't say grow up!) and the house is empty, nay for Billy and me?  My sweet answer is no!  For today I find myself lying in bed at 7:30  a.m. eating an ice cream cone and writing my first blog.  The house is quiet, except for Billy getting up to go take care of all our critters. Before he left, I thanked him for letting me have my "lie in". He looked at me puzzled and said, "have I ever made you get out of bed?"  No, he has never, but I thanked him for just that. I believe I will thank my kids, too. They may even look at me puzzled. Guess they don't remember the knocking on my bedroom door at the butt-crack of dawn, fingers poking thru the slit under the door, pleading "Mom, Mom, Mom are you up?  Today, I am blessed with an ice cream coated lie in.

What is on my agenda today, besides brushing the cone crumbs out of my bed?  I am digitizing and stitching a patch for a customer, repairing a suitcase, and moving my sewing stuff into my new sewing room. And if I can get that all done, maybe I can play on my new longarm.

So, what's on your schedule today?

Mz Mary


  1. ha! I didn't have an ice cream cone with my lie in :)

  2. I love the idea of having a ice cream lie in....i think i'll tell my hubby thats what i want for my birthday!!!